Saturday, October 29, 2005

Carolinas in October

Gadzooks, I haven’t been birding in forever! It’s really hard to find the time right now between all the rain we’ve had and everything life’s been throwing at me, but thankfully with the window feeder I can do a little “birdfeeder watching” while I’m studying. A feeder first today was a pair of Carolina wrens. They’re a study in rich browns and tans, especially next to the drab House Finches who, although the males have some flashy rose color on them, are really more gray than brown. The Carolina’s feathers look sleek and clean. I could clearly see the fine barring on the wing edges and under the tail as well as the beige eye stripe. They curiously looked in the window to assure their safety and then picked around the sunflower hearts and raisins, and left. It was a definite treat on such a gloomy afternoon.

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