Friday, December 23, 2005

Around LA in December

Finally updating from my short trip to the LA area this past week. It was noteworthy from a birding standpoint only because there actually was bird life that didn’t look frozen and miserable. Lots of Common Ravens and Red-tailed Hawks in and around Edwards AFB/ Lancaster area where we first stayed. Moving westward to Rancho Cucamunga, there were more birds and more activity. In my daughter’s backyard, I saw a pair of Bushtits, a few House Finches, and an Anna’s Hummingbird that put on a spectacular display for “Kitty” and I. The trip was really too short to spend any significant time hunting for birds, but it was nice just to hear some bird calls and know that sometime in the distance future, spring will again come to Pennsylvania and the birds will return. For now, I must be satisfied with the Blue Jays and House Sparrows that come to the feeders. Everything else seems to have disappeared.

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