Sunday, March 4, 2007

A Mismosh of Entries

Jeez! It's been all but a month since I posted last! I misplaced my Agua Caliente list from February 10th. If I find it , I'll write it up. Otherwise, I haven't done much in the way of "official" birding in the past few weeks although I am aware of the increased activity, chatter, and song all around me as the birds celebrate the coming of spring here. Some interesting birds I've seen while out and about include:

  • A Eurasian-collered Dove in Tubac while winning a bet with a (non-birding) friend about what the group of people with binoculars were doing. Looking at the mountains, my foot! They were birders if I ever saw birders!

  • Several "Oregon" dark-eyed Juncos in Albequerque last weekend.

  • Hearing a Mountain Chickadee at El Malpais in NM, but didn't see him.

  • Several Greater Roadrunners at the Boca Negra section of the Petroglyphics Nat'l Monument. The picture above is him. it was the best coloring I've seen yet on a roadrunner.

  • A beautiful specimen of the Audubon's subspecies of Yellow-rumped Warbler in the mesquite from my balcony this morning.

  • A Gila Woodpecker that has invaded my hummingbird feeder. He announces himself by calling from the railing of the balcony to produce a ringing echo before he grips the tiny feeder perches and sticks his tongue into the feeder. He's quite acrobatic and amusing to watch, but I think he's chasing the Anna's away.

  • Daily views of the American kestrel that sits on the wire on Greasewood near Anklam. Also quite beautiful in his plumage right now.

  • The Anna's hummer still comes to the feeder fairly frequently. If I'm outside, she buzzs around for a few seconds so that I get a feeling she's looking me over. No other hummers seem to be around.
  • White-tailed Kite from horseback in mid-February in Sonoita. No mistaking that beautiful white plumage even while hanging on for dear life!

Looking forward to a few days back east soon even though it's far too cold there for me right now. It'll be good to see Yvonne and Cape May (AND the ocean!) again.

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